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DR. SYED MUHAMMAD ASIFUR RAHMAN Specialist Headache, Refractive error, External ocular diseases, Cataract, YAG LASER treatment, DCR, LASER DCR, Pterigium, Ocular Trauma, Amblyopia specialist in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Gold Medalist Eye Specialist & Surgeon in Bangladesh.

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Although ophthalmologists are highly trained medical professionals,

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Although ophthalmologists are highly trained medical professionals, it is to be noted that some may select a specialisation.

Vision Correction

Common eye disorders are treated by vision correction surgery, often known as laser vision correction or refractive eye surgery.

Modern Equipment Use

Paediatric ophthalmologists are specially skilled in treating kids in a way that makes them feel relaxed and compliant.

Lenses Transitions

When exposed to sunshine or UV light, transition lenses—which are typically clear for indoor use—automatically darken.

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On Emergency situation don't hesitate to call our active Helpline stuff.

Laser Eye Surgery

During the process, you can still feel some pressure, but you shouldn't experience any discomfort.

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